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International Participants


REDMex welcomes all international participants to the 20th edition of ExpoSciences Mexico, which will be held offline in the city of San Luis Potosi.

The participation of projects from different countries has consolidated ExpoSciences Mexico as the most important Science and Technology event in the country. Every year around 500 Mexican projects and 100 international projects from Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Africa come together in a celebration of science, technology, and culture.



ExpoSciences is the largest science and technology event with children and youth participation organized in Mexico, including student population from preschool to high school level.  It is a REDMex program recognized by MILSET that is carried out to promote the participation of children and young people in scientific and technical research, innovation and dissemination projects.

Within ExpoSciences Mexico, a parallel program is developed for international participants from more than 12 countries, who compete for a place in each area of participation.

The National Network of Youth Activities in Science and Technology (REDMex) is a group of people and institutions that coordinate, promote and disseminate activities that allow spaces for participation that contribute to the formation of a scientific and technological culture in Mexican children and youth.



ExpoSciences Mexico will be held face-to-face from December 6 to 9, 2022, in the city of San Luis Potosi.

The state of San Luis Potosi is located in the center of Mexico with a territorial extension of 63,068 km², San Luis Potosí is the fifteenth largest state in the Mexican Republic. It has 58 municipalities, which are distributed in four regions: Altiplano, Central region, Media and Huasteca.

The Altiplano attracts you with its “ghost towns”, cradles of the miners who gave life to our land. You will also know the history through the “Guardians of the Real”, children guides who will surprise you with their knowledge.

In the Central region, the state capital is located; where the Historic Center cuddles you with its gardens, parks and museums where you can enjoy the different cultural activities. Let yourself be involved by the magic of the legends while enjoying the tradition that encloses those walls of pink quarry.

Immerse yourself in the Middle region where you can enjoy diving and cycling. Walk and get to know the daily life of the countryside and enjoy the delight of spending an afternoon among the villagers who protect their ancestral culture.

The Huasteca Potosina will captivate you with the sway of its rivers and waterfalls that invite you to practice an endless list of activities such as rappelling, mountain biking, kayaking, hiking, among others. And that, in addition, will seduce you to explore its archaeological sites, and enjoy its fauna and flora and one of its greatest pride: the human warmth of its people, as well as its unmistakable cuisine.


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Participants in English



International projects of 1, 2 or 3 students and 1 advisor are allowed to participate under the following categories and areas of participation.

Categories of participation
  • Kids (12-15 years old)
  • High School (16-18 years old)
  • Senior (19-25 years old
Areas of participation
  • Basic Sciences ( Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Biology)
  • Engineering
  • Computing and Robotics
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Social Sciences



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All registered participants and advisors will receive a virtual diploma of participation.

The best scores in each area and category will receive virtual gold, silver and bronze medals.


  • Call for registration
  • Participant’s Guide